Take a look at what kind of displays can be achieved when using wireless firing systems. Here’s a selection of videos of displays fired using our firing systems.

Halloween CAT2 Display
A CAT2 display fired at a Halloween party in 2013 using our 12 Cue Pro firing system. Filmed with a GoPro.

Charity Firework Display
This large firework display was fired using a combination of our 12 Cue Pro and 4 Cue firing systems. The fireworks were kindly donated by several retailers to raise money for Cancer Research UK and Macmillan Cancer Support.

CAT3 Firework Display
This large garden display was fired using our 12 Cue Pro firing systems and lasted 25 minutes in total! Thanks to Gavin Torpey for the footage.

Electric Confetti Cannons
You can set off electric confetti cannons with your firing systems too! Simply strip the wires coming from the cannon and connect them to the terminals on your firing system as you would a standard igniter. Great for weddings!

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