12 Cue Pro Firing System

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12 Cue Pro Firing System

Number of Cues – 12
Power – 9 x AA Batteries, 1 x A23 (Remote)
Range – 200 metres / 660 feet
Dimensions – 179mm x 139mm x 60mm
Receiver Weight – 516g

This 12 cue pro firing system is perfect for fireworks, pyrotechnics and rocketry. Using Talon or Consumer Match igniters you can use this system to fire CAT2 and CAT3 fireworks by connecting to the visco safety fuse. Using E-Match you can use this system to fire CAT4 fireworks by linking straight into the quick match.

This system comes with 2 metal arming keys for added security – With the arming key in the ‘off’ position nobody will be able to fire. The test function will still operate, meaning set up can be made safer when checking continuity.

The 12 button remote control has an on/off switch to avoid any accidental firings along with an ALL/SEQUENCIAL or SINGLE fire switch, allowing you to fire each cue individually, at preset intervals or all at once for a huge finale. When the remote is in the ALL FIRE mode button 1 becomes ‘All Fire’ and buttons 2 through 12 become sequential fire (0.1s, 0.2s, 0.3s, 0.4s, 0.5s, 0.6s, 0.7s, 0.8s, 0.9s, 1s & 2s timing intervals).

Using the PROGRAM function on this system allows you to sync your remote to several systems at once, meaning you can simultaneously fire several items. This is especially useful if you have two or more identical set ups around your firing site – When you press the desired number on the remote all systems linked with the study function will fire that cue, giving you a perfectly symmetrical display. Check out this YouTube video made by Dave from displayfireworks1 showing two systems linked to one remote – Video Link.

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