32 Cue Firing System

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32 Cue Firing System

  • Number of Cues – 32
  • Powered by 8 x AA Batteries, 1 x A23 (Remote)
  • Included 12 button standard firing remote
  • Range – 200 metres / 660 feet
  • Overload Protection – To avoid any damage from short circuits
  • Secure – Includes 2 metal arming keys
  • Test Function – Checks continuity on each cue
  • Supports all igniter types (Talon, Consumer Match & E-Match)
  • Battery Meter – Displays battery voltage
  • Flexibility – Set one remote to fire multiple systems simultaneously
  • Easy to use – Very simple and easy to use
  • Storage – Hard storage case included
  • Removable Antenna – For smaller storage
  • Includes connector wire for optional external 12v battery
  • Optional ‘Special Firing’ remote for ALL FIRE and SEQUENCE FIRING

This 32 cue firing system is perfect for firework displays and is so simple to use. It supports all major igniter types to fire CAT 2 & CAT 3 fireworks.

Supplied with 2 metal arming keys for added security – With the arming key in the ‘off’ position nobody will be able to fire. The test function will still operate, meaning set up can be made safer when checking continuity.

The 32 cues are split into 4 groups (A, B, C, D) of 8 cues (1-8), to fire a specific cue simply press the selected group button followed by the cue number on the remote control.


You can add this second remote to the MS32Q to allow ALL FIRE (fires all 32 cues simultaneously) and SEQUENCE FIRE (set intervals of 0.1s, 0.2s, 0.3s, 0.4s, 0.4s, 0.5s, 0.6s, 0.7s, 0.8s, 0.9s, 1.0s, 2.0s – For example if you press the 0.5s button on this remote cues will fire with a half second delay between each other). Please note: For ALL FIRE and SEQUENCE FIRE with intervals under 0.5s, we recommend using Consumer Match or Electric Match igniters.


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Special Firing Remote

Special Firing Remote – £20, No Thanks


Batteries – £3.79, No Thanks