8 Cue Firing System


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8 Cue Firing System

  • Number of Cues – 8
  • Powered by 8 x AA Batteries, 1 x 9v PP3 Battery (Remote)
  • Range – 100 metres / 330 feet
  • Continuity Test – Indicates if igniters are correctly connected
  • Supports all igniter types (Talon, Consumer Match & E-Match)
  • Easy to use – Very simple and easy to use.
  • Expandable up to 12 cues

The 8 cue firing system is perfect for fireworks, pyrotechnics and rocketry. Using our Talon or Consumer Match igniters you can use this system to fire CAT2 and CAT3 fireworks by attaching to the visco safety fuse. Using Electric Match igniters allows you to use this system to fire CAT4 fireworks by inserting the head of the e-match into the quick match fuse.

The 14 button remote includes ALL fire and SEQUENTIAL firing buttons, and has an on/off switch to avoid any accidental firings. Sequential firing will fire all cues 1 second apart. 


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Weight 800 g

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